Committed to the environment

Sustainable Development

In keeping with our values, we implement
concrete measures to support
sustainable development.

100 000

products reconditioned in 2021

Économie circulaire EN

A circular economy approach

The Group gives high-tech products a second life with Hubside.Store. Both online and in stores, customers can access a wide selection of reconditioned products, and have their used devices repaired or taken back. These products are then put back on the market as part of a more affordable and more environmentally friendly approach.

Réutiliser, un savoir-faire français

Reuse: French know-how

All our services are carried out in-house by our technicians. Spare parts are purchased from French suppliers. The devices, certified as “original” quality, remain close to where they are needed. Responsible use with complete peace of mind.

Un engagement partagé par les clients

A commitment shared by customers

Eight out of ten French people consider their consumption to be responsible. Only 1 in 2 see this as an objective rather than an actual attitude. Hubside is developing a reuse, repair, reconditioning and recycling approach in order to meet customers’ expectations and make their consumption the central part of a virtuous circle.