Hubside.Store in Strasbourg on 5 March as part of the Big Tour 2022

Press release | February 24, 2022

Hubside.Store in Strasbourg on 5 March as part of the Big Tour 2022

Hubside.Store, a dynamic player in the region, plans to recruit 50 people in the East of France in 2022.

Hubside.Store, a specialist in the distribution of new and refurbished multimedia products, will be in Strasbourg on 5 March as part of its participation in the Big Tour 2022, the "Festival of Entrepreneurs" organised by Bpifrance. Already well established in the Grand Est region with 7 shops and around 70 employees recruited since 2020, the company intends to continue its development in the region through the recruitment of 50 new talents.

Raising public awareness of the circular economy and promoting jobs in the sector

For Hubside.Store, taking part in this great "Festival of Entrepreneurs", which brings together the best of French companies, is a great opportunity to meet the general public and to promote the advantages of refurbishing. On site, visitors will have the opportunity to bring back their used multimedia devices to deposit them in a recycling station, or to estimate the cost of buying back their old equipment, with a view to giving it a second life. This is a fun and effective way to fight electronic waste, while participating in a sustainable approach.

Through its innovative concept and its made-in-France know-how, the company will also welcome all future candidates who wish to join the adventure and who are keen to contribute to the development of the circular economy in their area. The company plans to recruit more than 1,000 people in Europe, including 800 permanent employees and 100 trainees in France.

Hubside.Store, the only physical refurbished brand, with already 100 shops

Launched in 2020, Hubside.Store is a network of owned and franchised shops, which aims to make all the experiences of the connected world and technology accessible to all, while being part of an eco-responsible approach. Hubside.Store has developed a wide range of new and refurbished multimedia products (smartphones, PCs, tablets, TVs, accessories, etc.) and complementary services to manage one's connected life (in-store repair and recycling space, multimedia and urban mobility equipment rental, website creation, multimedia insurance, etc.). Since its creation, the company has continued to grow and in just one year has become one of the leading retail players in the circular economy in the multimedia sector. Its unique and innovative concept is based on :

1. A wide range of smartphones and multimedia products from the biggest brands at low prices, new and reconditioned in France and guaranteed for 24 months,

2. Trade-in and exchange of old devices of the biggest brands directly in shop,

3. An in-house repair centre with 100 repair technicians in France, which allows Hubside.Store to recondition devices and put them back into circulation in its shops in a short circuit,

4. Raising awareness of more sustainable and sensible consumption patterns, focusing on reconditioned products (which account for 60% of the company's appliance sales), rental to give priority to usefulness over the purchase of "dormant" products, and repair and recycling thanks to areas set aside for this purpose in the shop and to its own repair workshop,

5. A local service by deploying points of sale throughout France, in city centres or shopping centres (100 new points of sale are planned for 2022).

By 2021, the brand has opened 100 points of sale in major cities in France and Europe (Paris, Lyon, Lille, Marseille, Bordeaux, Brussels, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon... among others). Hubside.Store will take up this challenge again this year to reach 200 points of sale by the end of the year, with a launch in Germany and Italy, and with the ambition to reach 200 million euros in business volume by 2022.

By taking part in the Big Tour, Hubside.Store wants to showcase its innovative concept and meet future candidates wishing to join the adventure. The company plans to recruit more than 1,000 people in Europe, including 800 permanent employees and 100 part-time employees in France.

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