Assisting digital projects


Launched in 2018, Hubside is an operator that creates, manages and retails simple and innovative services. It helps both the general public and professionals in making the most of what digital technology has to offer.


million customers

Hubside’s advantages

Since the Group was created, our values have been our lifeblood, enabling us to forge ahead together.

  • Simplicity

  • Sharing

  • Proximity

  • Innovation

Hubside simplifies the digital world and makes it accessible to all.

More proximity for better assistance.

In an increasingly complex digital world, we all need assistance. To meet this need, we offer our customers a service based on listening and support. Whether you are a passionate individual or an ambitious professional, we provide all the necessary services so that you can make the most of what digital technology has to offer, and thus develop your potential.

Nearly a third of French people would like to have their own website

Hubside digital services

Our vast public offering covers every type of digital need.

  • Digital identity

    Website, Getty Images, Domain name, Email, eShop

  • Serenity

    Drive, Antivirus, VPN

  • Entertainment

    Rakuten TV, Tidal, Fujifilm, PlaystationPlus et Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, ePresse

  • Sharing

    Photos, Community

Hubside.Store services

Our in-store offering provides our customers with flexibility, comfort and advantages when using their high-tech products.

  • Insurance

    A unique range of insurance options and additional services.

  • Pass'Location

    In-store rental of high-tech devices to enjoy every moment.

  • Hubside.Reward Club

    An advantages and cashback programme with a selection of partners.

Launch of the retail network

As a long-term partner of several major retailers, the Group has a network of over 2,500 points of sale in Europe. They are a strategic lever in expanding our business.

In addition to these partners, our Hubside.Store retail network was launched in 2020. The purpose of these own-name stores is to increase our visibility and local presence, all while continuing our mission to provide innovative services to our customers.

Offer dedicated to professionals

Building on its experience and the current trend in business creation, the Group offers a range of services specially designed for professionals.

Hubside has developed a number of simple and innovative services that are always accessible. Grouped together in a package adapted to VSEs and SMEs, they meet every professional’s needs: online sales, visibility, peace of mind, time savings.

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