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Digital Identity

  • Create your own website in under 2 minutes

    With Hubside, it’s easy to create your own website using templates and an intuitive editor. A personalised website, protected by SSL protocol and with no ads.

  • Choose a name that’s all your own

    You can choose and reserve your own domain name to best express your world and strengthen your online presence.

  • Sell your products online with ease

    This professional solution will allow you to showcase your products and track your inventory, while offering your customers automated order tracking and secure payment.

  • Customise your site with over 400 templates

    Whatever your passion, your business or your project, find a wide choice of inspiring website templates to display your world the way you want.

  • Access your services wherever you are with the mobile app

    You can take your website and services with you wherever you go thanks to the mobile app. Edit your content, track your stats and enjoy your services whenever you want.


  • Communicate with fellow enthusiasts on subjects that interest you

    There’s a space for every passion on Hubside Community. Create a community to share yours. You can also join an existing community that interests you, without having to create one of your own.

  • Share your best memories with your friends and family

    Travel, concerts, family gatherings... Create your own photo albums and easily share your most beautiful memories with whoever you want.

  • Print your own photo albums easily

    Easy, personalised photo printing to bring your best moments to life. Your memories at your fingertips in just a few clicks!


  • Secure your files and view them when you want

    A secure storage space hosted in France to save, sync and access all your files, photos and videos anywhere, any time.

  • Securely browse the Internet

    The leading antivirus software for Internet security that’s compatible with Windows and macOS to guarantee full protection against all types of threat online.

  • Stay signed in while maintaining your privacy

    Share your passion, not your data! With the NordVPN solution, your online activity is secure and cannot be tracked by third parties.


  • Watch the best cinema has to offer at home

    Get the cinema experience at home for the whole family, with a wealth of film, TV and video content just a click away.

  • Listen to your favourite music in top quality

    Professional quality music streaming with HQ tracks and clips, expertly curated playlists, and premium content and experiences.

  • Explorez de nouvelles opportunités de jeu

    Découvrez tout un univers de jeux vidéo à la demande, de nouveautés et d'avantages exclusifs PlayStation ou Xbox.

  • Read the press with full freedom

    A premium news stand with over 1,000 newspapers and magazines to read from your computer, tablet or phone.

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