Acting for the future of young people

Hubside.Store Académie

Because the professional future of young people is a core concern of the company, Hubside.Store has launched its own business school: Hubside.Store Académie, with integration and work-study programmes to help young people enter the job market.


work-study places throughout France for the start of the 2021-2022 academic year

  • An educational experience in the tech and multimedia sector

    BTS (advanced technical diploma) in Sales Operations Management and Bachelor’s degree in Retail Operations Management to train for a career in sales

    2 years of preparation,

    Theoretical courses in the training centre and practical application in the network’s stores.

  • Full support from the work-study programme to a permanent contract

    The training courses offered over two years are based on two parallel complementary paths to enable students to acquire both technical and behavioural skills:

    - Theoretical training in the training centre resulting in a diploma: BTS Sales Operations Management and Bachelor’s Degree in Retail Operations Management.

    - An internal training programme specific to the brand’s needs and identity, centred around initial training (to instill the company’s values and culture, techniques in sales and oral expression, products and services, etc.), continuous training (new tools, new products, etc.) to ensure the students continue to gain skills, “practical” support in the field in the network’s stores with tutors who provide personalised monitoring in partnership with the educational advisors of the partner institutes, and occasional internships in other departments to discover the Group’s other business lines and immerse themselves in the corporate culture.

    At the end of their training, and depending on the results obtained (both professional and behavioural) during the theoretical training in the training centre and the practical training in the company, the young graduates may be offered a permanent position in the Group.

Advantages of the training

  • A quality training course, which is also remunerated

  • A tailor-made offer that includes both theoretical teaching and field experience

  • A government-recognised diploma

  • A permanent contract at the end of the course (depending on the results obtained)

200 work-study places to be filled throughout France for the start of the 2021-2022 academic year

"Hubside.Store is a new network of stores specialising in the sale of new and reconditioned multimedia products, digital services and repairs. Launched in September 2020, and despite the crisis, the network is developing at a rapid pace. 50 shops have already opened throughout France, and there will be 100 more in France and Europe in 2021 and 500 by 2023. Among the 600 positions open this year to support this strong growth, we want to give young people a chance to obtain their first professional experience by joining this new entrepreneurial adventure,” says Sadri Fegaier, CEO of Hubside.Store.

A tailor-made programme in reputable centres

Hubside.Store Académie offers a tailor-made programme in partnership with several renowned training centres spread over 7 sectors in France.

Ile-de-France (Paris)

BTS in Sales Operations Management, Bachelor’s degree in Retail Operations Management

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Valence)

BTS in Sales Operations Management

Sud-Ouest (Bordeaux)

BTS in Sales Operations Management

Nord (Roubaix)

BTS in Sales Operations Management

Est (Strasbourg)

BTS in Sales Operations Management

Sud-Est (La Garde)

BTS in Sales Operations Management

Ouest (Bruz-Rennes)

BTS in Sales Operations Management

The qualities we are looking for

  • Sense of service

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Curiosity

  • Customer relations

  • Interest in the tech world

“We are looking for young people with or without experience, motivated above all, with a taste for challenges and a passion for new technologies, who enjoy contact with customers... But, most importantly, they must have a great sense of service and interpersonal skills!”

Christine Lemaire, Human Resources Director at Hubside.Store

Development prospects in an international group with the HappyAtWork and HappyTrainees labels

Joining Hubside.Store means joining a network with an innovative and contemporary concept. It means being part of a young and dynamic company which is already expanding internationally, with supportive teams and a working environment which places great emphasis on quality of life at work, compassion and diversity.

Hubside.Store is committed to building lasting relationships with its employees by developing their loyalty. The company therefore encourages its employees to innovate and dare, and thus offers numerous prospects for them through various in-house opportunities (training, internal mobility, etc.).

The brand also offers many advantages to its teams, such as wages that are higher than the market average, health insurance that covers 100% of costs, and places in nurseries for employees’ children.

The network is part of a group that has been awarded the HappyAtWork and HappyTrainees labels (from choosemycompany). It is recommended by its employees and students on work placements thanks to its initiatives that encourage a fulfilling professional environment, one where employees are happy to work.
Hubside.Store also works alongside many other actors to support the government initiative “1jeune1solution”, launched as part of the “France Relance” economic recovery plan.