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No need to look for insurance: enjoy peace of mind knowing Hubside is protecting your connected devices.


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    Enjoy yourself, we’ll take care of the rest. Adapted to your daily life and your uses, Hubside Insurance offers you the best possible guarantees for all your devices: telephone, multimedia, connected objects and household appliances.

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    Whatever the cause and the situation, your devices are covered!

  • Smartphones

    Your smartphone goes everywhere with you and who knows what might happen to it! To avoid being without your precious ally, it is necessary to take the utmost care of it and insure it.

  • Multimedia devices

    Multimedia equipment and connected objects offer opportunities to share life’s precious moments and memories with your loved ones. They have become more and more indispensable in our lives, but they are not invulnerable. It is therefore important to protect them.

  • Household appliances

    Increasingly complex and expensive, household appliances are also increasingly fragile. To avoid unnecessary expenses, why not think about insuring them.

The Hubside.Insurance guarantees in detail



Forgotten your computer on the train or your phone in a taxi? We can all be forgetful sometimes. And because we know this can happen, Hubside Insurance covers the loss. Unlike other insurance providers, we are by your side in all circumstances.



Whether you are in a restaurant, on public transport, or walking down the street, there are many opportunities for your phone or laptop to be stolen. Hubside Insurance is there for you, even if the theft occurred during a moment of inattention.



Despite all the precautions you can take, nobody is safe from an accident. Who hasn’t dropped their phone or tablet on the floor? In case of breakage, you are covered by Hubside Insurance even if you are the cause of the damage.



Splashes, immersion, humidity... water can damage your electronic devices. Although most are waterproof, they are not protected against all risks of oxidation. If the worst should happen, don’t panic. You can count on Hubside Insurance.

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