The well-being of each and every employee

Employee well-being

We provide a privileged working environment for our employees, to enable them to develop their full potential and progress serenely in their careers.


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Employees that are “Happy At Work”

Awarded the "HappyIndex®AtWork" label for the fifth consecutive year, the Group came in third place in the "Companies with 1,000 to 4,999 employees where it's good to work" category with a score of 4.6/5. The assessment criteria are professional advancement, a stimulating environment, management and motivation, salary and recognition, pride and pleasure at work. This recognition underlines the quality of life at work and a corporate culture that respects everyone. This award is the culmination of a company policy that is concerned with the well-being of its employees, parity, diversity and ethics.

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  • Corporate cohesion

    All the conditions necessary for developing social cohesion have been put in place within the company. Employees are encouraged to observe the fundamental rules of politeness, courtesy, openness, humility, civility and punctuality. 

    They also have common areas at their disposal for relaxation (dining rooms, gyms, green areas, etc.), which all provide opportunities to create links and cultivate team spirit.

  • Valuing potential

    Recognising and encouraging the development of employees’ skills is a primary objective of the Group. Taking initiative, personal effort and individual development are encouraged, both through training programmes and by management.

    As contributors to the Group’s success, employees are entitled to an annual profit-sharing or incentive bonus to reward their daily efforts. 

    Special attention is paid to the integration of new employees. They are taken care of as soon as they arrive and supported in all their endeavours.


Mutual respect

Respect for others is a steadfast, fundamental principle of the Group.

A responsible and professional attitude is required from everyone in all circumstances. Managers are expected to lead their teams with empathy and respect for individuals.

A fair balance is struck between professional and private life. It goes without saying that the Group scrupulously respects all treaties, laws and regulations related to protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms.

  • Encouraging diversity

    The Group champions diversity in its employees’ profiles, at all hierarchical levels.

    Cultural, ethnic and social differences are seen as a strength and are thus valued. This is why Hubside signed the charter of the “Club des Entreprises Inclusives” (inclusive companies club) in the Drôme department in France.

    The recruitment and retention of disabled workers is also encouraged: the Group goes well beyond its legal obligations and implements numerous actions to support workers with disabilities. Recruitment sessions are organised every year during the DuoDay and ForumTalentsHandicap events.

    This openness is reflected not only in recruitment but also in daily management: remuneration, work schedule, paid leave, appraisals, development prospects, health, etc. 

    With 57% of its employees being women, the Group ensures that parity is respected and that women have access to positions of responsibility.

  • Communication

    Effective dialogue is what makes the Group progress. When based on mutual respect and freedom of expression, dialogue allows all employees to express their opinions as well as any difficulties they may encounter in their professional lives. 

    Encouraging dialogue allows us to establish a relationship of mutual trust, which is essential for a healthy and lasting collaboration.

Gender equality

Hubside obtained an overall score of 79 points out of 100 on the professional equality index. Composed of 4 indicators and scored out of 100 points, this indicator has been designed as a practical tool to advance gender equality within companies. In 2022, the scores obtained by our company for each indicator are as follows

- Pay gap indicator: 29/40
- Individual increase rate gap indicator: 35/35
- Return from maternity leave indicator: 15/15
- High pay indicator: 0/10
Hubside.Store obtained an overall score of 85 points out of 100 for the Gender Equality Index:
- Pay gap indicator: 37/40

- Individual increase rate gap indicator: 35/35
- Return from maternity leave indicator: not calculable
- High pay indicator: 0/10