The full connected experience


Hubside.Store allows everyone to enjoy a connected life experience.

Customers benefit from a wide choice of new and reconditioned products from the biggest brands on the market, at attractive prices.

Our service offer allows everyone to consume differently and with peace of mind, while benefiting from numerous advantages.


million euros in turnover forecasted for 2022

Discover the concept

"Defending more ethical consumption, offering more personalisation, even exclusivity, enriching our service offer and optimising the customer’s shopping experience through digital technology."

Sadri Fegaier, Founder and CEO

The concept rests on 4 pillars

Supporting more responsible consumption

Hubside.Store aims to fight against programmed obsolescence and to support a more responsible consumption of new technologies.

The company offers a wide range of reconditioned devices and even takes back old ones. Each store has a repair and recycling area. The devices are collected, repaired and meticulously checked by the Group’s technical experts who certify their quality.

This alternative to new products gives a second life to multimedia devices and reduces the environmental impact of new technologies.

Centring the shopping experience around people

The stores have been designed as places where people can meet and exchange ideas, test products and receive personalised advice.

The aim is to give consumers from all walks of life a fun, pleasant and ‘human’ shopping experience in a sleek and stylish space where they can test products and receive advice from the Hubside.Store experts.

Making technology accessible to all

Focused on current digital usage, Hubside.Store has developed a range of unique services adapted to all budgets, for people who wish to enjoy the best technologies at an affordable price:

- Reconditioned products
- Rental of multimedia and urban mobility devices
- Services to optimise budgets

Offering the best of phygital

The complementary nature of Hubside.Store’s services and channels makes it possible to adapt to all customer profiles. Customers can benefit from the best of in-store support and all the advantages of online shopping.

The Hubside.Store world and its partners

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